Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Using Online Criminal Records Search Service

Private and public entities can freely investigate an individual especially when the main purpose for safety reasons. Usually, this can be done through the utilization of criminal records search service that is widely used nowadays. Gone were the days that in order for you to obtain information about an individual, you had to travel to the address of the person being subjected to criminal background check. At times, you needed also to endure countless hours of waiting before you could finally assure yourself that the person is indeed safe to deal with or at worst, the individual should not be trusted because he or she had been criminally or civilly charged with an offense before. The fact that the result that you have gotten is inaccurate is also inevitable.

With the advancement of the technology today, almost everything now is done through the internet. From the simple researching, networking, exchanging conversations and many more through the more complex criminal background check, almost everybody is seeking the help of the web. But how do these online criminal records search service work?

There are two types of web investigation services available today. One is the free check service which uses internet database subscriptions. Here, all you need to do is enter specific data or simple personal identifiers about the individual to be checked. The system then will run multiple checks through the use of the in-house database of the offender’s backgrounds to locate matches. While this can be fast and helpful, the data gathered is not always accurate because some web providers for this particular service do not update their data often. The information can also be easily tampered making the result unreliable and useless.

The second type is the paid criminal records search service. With a minimal fee, the web providers incorporate internet research with physical approach and this is done by hiring and stationing certain employees to certain jurisdictions all over the country. With this approach, you will be guaranteed that the result for the individual you want to check is more appropriate and updated. This type also uses personal identifiers such as name, last name, aliases, birthday, and address. Once the correct information is given, the database will do the basic research by checking the civil and criminal offenses done by different individuals and once the system declares the subject free from any criminal record, the hired employee double checks his station to ensure that there are no missed out information. Here, he will also be able to check whether the individual you want to check is using a fake name in order to hide his criminal background.

Although a paid criminal records search service maybe a little costly on your part when you want to do a criminal background check, your safety and your family’s safety will be worth the money that you are going to pay. It is always advisable to do preventive measures in order to keep safe than doing an action when the worst has already happened.

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