Friday, December 4, 2009

How To Get Ex Back

Look around and you will see lots of couple going through break-ups and patch-ups. What is more surprising is that a lot of these patch-ups are actually temporary and if you visit them after some while, they would have broken up again. Now the existence of that relationship is just signified through a shrug and a phrase, “It just did not work out”.

Search online and there are an umpteen number of love gurus and love doctors belting out advice on how to get ex back - from sending a bunch of flowers each day to writing poems and ballads to arranging surprises for your ex. But these are just short term solutions and actually quite corny and suitable for teenager crushes and infatuations.

If you are an adult couple and now have broken-up and wondering on how to get ex back, the above sites are not for you. These are just tactical strategies that provide joy at the spur of the moment. If you have broken up due to some serious issues, this is not the way to approach to get your ex back. Instead, spend a few hours thinking what went wrong in the relationship. Obviously, both of you wanted to stay committed to each for at least a while or you would not have gotten into the relationship. Then what were the issues which caused you to drift apart? If you find the answers to these, half your problems are over.

The next thing that you have to think about is what you can do to alleviate these issues. Not all issues can be because of you - it could also be due to some other problems that your ex is facing such as work pressure, unemployment and financial stress. In such scenarios, think what could be your role. If you feel you can go ahead and do something more, ensure you are ok with it. You should not feel that you are giving too much in the relationship and getting nothing in return. Such relationships are bound to end.

Try to arrange a meeting with your ex. Now, there are a few sites that suggest you wait for a certain time period before you go ahead and call but this is all silly childishness and clash of egos. If you are interested in getting your ex back, go ahead and give a call. Do not get into any arguments over the break-up. Control your emotions and talk to your ex in a friendly manner. Your ex might hesitate to meet. Be assertive but not aggressive. At the same time give sufficient space. Meet up in a place that is neutral - not your house or your ex’s house. Talk over things. Get a commitment to meet more times regularly and take it from there.

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